Camden Reeves (born 1974) - Random Keys (world premiere)

Filmed Live at the Martin Harris Centre, The University of Manchester 7th March 2014

Richard Casey - piano
Tim Williams - percussion
Daniel Whibley - double bass

Camden Reeves (born 1974)
Random Keys (world premiere)

I. Dark Star
II. In the Orbit of Entropy
III. Time Twister

The idea for this piece, and its title, comes from Tim Williams’s longstanding spoonerism for my name: Random Keys/Camden Reeves. Whilst not particularly flattering for a composer, I’ve always liked it and offered to write Psappha a piece with that title. This is the result.

The line up of instruments – piano, bass, percussion – is a twist on the jazz piano trio. And there are harmonic and rhythmic references to jazz in the music; but admittedly these are quite subtle. The music is more influenced by my ongoing interest in chaos and entropy: the idea that the universe is getting increasingly more disorganized, increasingly random: that yes, things really are getting worse all the time.

Like my second string quartet, Dactlylozooid Complex, the music unfolds in a three-movement expanding structure. Each movement is longer than the last by the same proportion (so 1:2:4), and has the same basic structural outline. So, analogous with cosmic expansion, the second movement stretches the basic shape of the first; the third movement stretches the shape of the second.

Random Keys was commissioned by Psappha.

Camden Reeves is composer and musical educator. He is currently Senior Lecturer in Composition at Manchester University, where he has taught since 2002. Much of his music is published by Edition Peters, and a good amount is commercially recorded. He lives in Stockport with his wife and son.

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