Gordon Crosse (born 1937) - A Year and a Day, Op. 48a

Filmed Live at the Martin Harris Centre, The University of Manchester 13th December 2013

Dov Goldberg - clarinet

Gordon Crosse (born 1937)
A Year and a Day, Op. 48a

Gordon Crosse (b. 1937)
A Year and a Day, Op. 48a
Crosse wrote this eight-minute virtuoso piece for clarinet in 1980, two years after his chamber concerto for the instrument, Wildboy. Things are still pretty wild. At the start the instrument springs from near the bottom of its range to near the top, where it delivers a four-note theme: high rising minor third, and then, a little lower, falling minor second. This whole idea is repeated twice more, with the four high notes in juggled order, as if the clarinet were casting a spell. All the rest flows from this: rapid flurries, trills and tremolandos, more high-wire acts, fragments of dance and song. It is with a skipping song that the piece ends.

About the composer: Gordon Crosse
Bracing together European modernism and Renaissance polyphony, Crosse at first trod a path alongside Peter Maxwell Davies, but with a warmth (sometimes fiery) and immediacy all his own. Major achievements of his early maturity include a one-act chamber opera after Yeats’s Purgatory (1966), his superb Second Violin Concerto (1969), the impassioned Memories of Morning: Night for soprano and orchestra (1974), and a full-length opera, The Story of Vasco (1974), one of several collaborations with Ted Hughes. In 1990 he virtually stopped composing, to return with full vigour in 2007.

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