Nuria Bonet (b.1991) - Pota (world premiere)

Filmed Live at Islington Mill, Salford on 2nd February 2014.

Louise Smith - Artist
Tim Williams - cimbalom

Pota is a short exploration for cimbalom and electronics. The piece explores two characteristics of the cembalom's sonority: reverberance and melody. While the first part of the piece achieves a highly reverberant soundscape through rapid passages and repetition of recorded fragments, the final part focuses on a chunk of evocative melody in the tape part which is then adopted by the cembalom part. The instrumental part eventually emancipates itself from the tape and becomes independent of its previous relationship with the electronics, showing off its own reverberant and melodic qualities.

The piece was composed with the invaluable help of Tim Williams, as he advised me on the compositional possibilities of the cembalom and allowed me to record his playing. Those recordings were used and transformed to create the tape part; they also influenced my compositional process. Many thanks to the Hungarian composer György Kurtág for composing such a contagious melody.

About the Composer:
Nuria Bonet (b.1991) is a Spanish composer currently based in Edinburgh. She grew up in Luxembourg, where she attended the Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg, studying piano, clarinet and harmony. She went on to study for a degree in music at the University of Manchester, followed by a Masters in Electroacoustic composition at the same institution. Nuria is particularly interested in the cross-disciplines of music, science and technology.

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