Philip Grange (b.1956) - Tiers of Time

Recorded live on 5th November 2010 Duration: 9 minutes 14 seconds

This work was written specially to mark John Casken's retirement. For a couple of years John and I both lived in Whaley Bridge, a small town on the edge of the High Peak in the Peak District; indeed we lived on opposite sides of Toddbrook Reservoir, (John lived on the posh side). This short work was inspired by the landscape of the High Peak - the desolate and gloomy moorlands, the breathtaking vistas often illuminated by powerful sunlight and the general sense of space. Indeed the title refers to the geological strata that are apparent when looking at many of the peaks, and which is also present in the stratified textures employed in the piece. The compositional material for the work is taken from the final bars of John's own Piano Quartet - a work that I have always admired. In fact, Tiers of Time ends with a much altered quotation of the end of John's own work, as if I work towards a view of the same musical landscape, but remember it differently, highlighting some things and omitting others.

Philip Grange

Benedict Holland violin
Heather Wallington viola
Jennifer Langridge cello
Richard Casey piano

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