Aaron Parker (b. 1991) - 5 1 ° 1 2 ’ N / 0 ° 5 5 ’ W – 0 8 0 1 1 5 (world première)

Filmed Live on 24th February 2015 at Hallé St. Peter’s, Manchester

Conrad Marshall – flute
Dov Goldberg – clarinet
Benjamin Powell – piano
Tim Williams – percussion
Benedict Holland – violin
Jennifer Langridge – cello

“Etched into my psyche is the memory of being stood on the banks of the River Orwell in Suffolk at the hour of day in late autumn when the light fades and the hues of the land are transformed. The sounds of wading birds and over-wintering geese are heard mixing in the air with the industrial clankings and grindings from a dock in the far distance. With the changing light, the horizon resembles a silhouetted strand of ambiguous interconnected forms, broken only by the occasional glimmer of lights from a town barely visible 2 or 3 miles across the shore.

I do not believe music depicts, however while making this piece I was continually haunted by this experience, and it would be inaccurate to suggest it did not somehow inform my writing.

The title, incidentally, contains two pieces of information: the location and the date of the completion of the composition. The location is given in abridged latitude and longitude readings, while the date is written numerically. It is my hope that each listener will be able to hear the piece in their own way.

I would like to thank Tim Williams and Psappha for the invitation to write a piece this event, and for their commitment to the project.”

About the composer: Aaron Parker
Aaron Parker is a composer, who lives partly in Hampshire (where he teaches music in a school) and partly in Suffolk. He studied at RNCM 2009 – ’13 with Gary Carpenter and Larry Goves. He listens to almost anything but particularly enjoys The Blues, Portishead, Enrico Malatesta, John Cage, Chris Watson, PJ Harvey, Giuseppe Ielasi, Zimoun, and Brian Eno. He has realized musical projects in collaboration with ddmmyy, Slip Discs, Psappha, Dave Bainbridge, Jenny Dyson, London Symphony Orchestra, London Philharmonic, Cassia Quartet, Stenhammar Quartet, the BBC, Manchester Camerata, and Sound and Music, among others.

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