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  1. Terms and Conditions

    1 Registration

    1. In order to use the media services of Psappha Limited, the customer must register by providing first name, last name, e-mail address and country of residence in the respective mask.
    2. The registration shall be made at After sending the registration form, the customer shall receive an e-mail from Psappha Limited requesting the customer to confirm the registration. After the customer's confirmation of the registration e-mail the registration process is completed. Psappha Limited reserves the right to refuse the registration of individuals at its discretion.
    3. After the orderly registration is completed, Psappha Limited shall activate the customer's account.

    2 Technical Requirements

    1. It is incumbent upon the customer to ensure that the terminal and internet access meets the system requirements for using the services. A minimum requirement is the Internet access with any Internet provider. We recommend the use of a broadband connection as the services may otherwise only be used with a considerable loss in quality. According to the Internet access used and depending on the provider and the tariff, in particular if time-based or volume tariffs apply, the customer may incur considerable additional costs with the Internet provider when using Psappha Limited's Media services.
    2. Psappha Limited shall not give any warranties or assume any liability for any service malfunctions which are ascribable to the system requirements not being met in whole or in part.

    3 Duties of the Customer

    1. The customer shall undertake to provide the data requested during the registration process truthfully.
    2. The customer shall inform Psappha Limited without delay of any changes of the data provided during registration.
    3. The customer shall be obliged to keep his/her password, his/her user name as well as any data which render unauthorised access via his/her account possible confidential and to change them without delay, or have them changed without delay by Psappha Limited, should he/she suspect unauthorized third parties have gained knowledge thereof.
    4. The customer may not use the services of Psappha Limited improperly, he/she shall in particular;
      • make no recordings of the concerts, not even in excerpt.
      • use the downloaded stream only for showing in his/her private domain for non-commercial purposes and he/she shall not publicly show, broadcast or otherwise circulate it.
      • not reproduce or copy the downloaded stream.
    5. The customer shall be liable for any damage incurred due to a breach of the obligations set forth in paras. 3.1. to 3.4. and he/she shall indemnify Psappha Limited against any third-party claims in this regard. This shall not apply if the registered user is not responsible for such breach. It shall be incumbent on the customer to furnish proof that he/she is not responsible for the breach.
    6. Should there be considerable breaches of the obligations set forth in paras. 3.1. to 3.4., Psappha Limited shall be entitled to block the registered users access. The registered user shall be informed thereof by email. Such blocking shall continue to be in force until the violation is eliminated.

    4 Final Provisions

    1. English law shall apply.
    2. To the extent legally permitted, jurisdiction for all disputes between the parties shall be England.
    3. Any changes or amendments to these General Terms and Conditions shall require written notification.
      1. Should any provision of these General Terms and Conditions be invalid or become invalid, this shall not affect the General Terms and Conditions as a whole.
      2. Psappha Limited reserves the right to remove this service or any part of this service at any time and without notice.